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Pure Fin products started from a real, raw place where we ourselves sought healing that traditional medicine couldn’t offer.

We are a father-daughter business run out of Madison, WI. Together, we created Pure Fin.

So, how’d we get here?

To put it bluntly, the traditional medical system sadly had given up on us. Dad’s ongoing health battles with cancer left us sitting in Mayo Clinic with surgeons telling us, “We can’t help you anymore.”

In a moment like that you reflect on your experiences. How you live. What you put into your body. Even how you think.

We knew there was a better way

For us, looking back on our experience through traditional medicine in particular left us little to be joyful about. One-size-fits-all recommendations. Mistakes. Bandaid solutions to illness versus root cause healing.

We worked vigorously to make certain eliminations and additions to Tracy’s daily life that could help improve his uncomfortable symptoms, and ideally, his health outcome. One of those areas was implementing cannabinoids (CBD) into his routine.
We had heard about CBD for things like stress, inflammation, and discomfort, but to be honest after trying many options on the market, Tracy didn’t notice much of an improvement in his daily life. By sheer luck (or what we see as divine intervention) a conversation with an old friend is what introduced us to a lesser-known cannabinoid, CBDa.

CBDa is like CBD... but more raw. Less processed. Better bioavailability and efficacy than standard CBD. We knew we had to try it.

We truly believe that there is a better way to health.

To manage stress. To ease discomfort and inflammation. To sleep more soundly. To well… heal.

We were blown away at the impact our oil had on Tracy’s wellbeing. It was unlike anything he had ever tried before.

Shortly after recognizing the profound positive effects of our custom oil blend, we realized we needed to get this plant-based wellness elixir into the hands of others who needed it.

It was in those moments that Pure Fin was born.