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Pure Fin was created to help bring healing to those that need it most.

We are a father-daughter team obsessed with all things holistic wellness.

Tracy (father) is an entrepreneur, dad of two, and cancer survivor (x3). When traditional medicine gave no viable solutions to helping him heal and overcome, this hardship became the driving force behind the creation of Pure Fin products.

Ciara (daughter) is an entrepreneur, wife, mother, and holistic wellness devotee. Her knowledge and passion for establishing well-rounded holistic wellness routines helped shape the creation of our products.

Together, Tracy and Ciara established a well-rounded daily routine that implemented holistic methods of healing. During this journey of healing, full-spectrum hemp quickly emerged as an integral part of our wellness protocol.

Working as a team, we formulated Pure Fin products for our own personal use (largely to help Tracy support his body and help heal in the most natural way possible). But after realizing the profound healing effects of CBDa oil, which was unlike any other CBD oil product we had ever tried, we knew we needed to get a quality CBDa product out into the world. It was at this moment that Pure Fin was born.

Our mission is simply to help every person reach a higher level of wellness. It’s an honor to be a part of your journey!

Happy Healing,

Ciara & Tracy
(Co-founders of Pure Fin)

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