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Support your body’s full potential with our best-selling full spectrum hemp formulas.

As with all of our products, our hemp is organically grown right here in the US.

While every person is different and may experience differing symptoms, not getting enough zzz’s will affect your overall health and well-being.

Insufficient sleep has been shown to manifest in your mind and body in various ways:

  • weakened immune system
  • poor focus
  • poor concentration
  • fatigue
  • memory problems
  • mood issues

Getting inadequate sleep on a regular basis has even been linked to specific health conditions like anxiety, depression, high blood pressure, and diabetes.

So what we’re getting at… sleep is essential!

"I've been taking the Pure Fin Sleep oil for about three weeks now and I love it! It doesn't make me fall asleep, but when I finally close my eyes at night, I fall asleep so much faster and sleep so soundly. I wake up feeling like I have had the best night of sleep with no grogginess. Definitely a sleep game changer!"


verified buyer

"At times I get worn down, have trouble sleeping and you know what's next...yep the stress. I've settled into a nice groove with the purefin CBDa oil. I take a drop every morning before I head out to work to balance me out. I also use the CBDa with CBN to help me sleep. Both have been very beneficial in helping keep my body and mind in balance."


verified buyer