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Pure Fin products started from a real, raw place where we ourselves sought healing that traditional medicine couldn’t offer.

We aren’t here to sell you hemp products just like all the others out there.

Pure Fin sought out only the very best ingredients in order to create the ultimate hemp products.

There are a million things we could tell you, but here are a just few ways our products stand out from the rest:

Pure Fin products feature CBDa. This powerhouse cannabinoid is a raw, less processed form of CBD.

This means that our CBDa oil is closer to its natural plant state than regular CBD oil! The less you mess with nature, the better.

To produce our CBDa, we carefully and naturally extract it - with water! Our environmentally-friendly extraction process uses NO solvents or heat (which unfortunately is common practice in the commercial CBD world).

The hemp we use in our products is organically grown.

Our products are both non-GMO and gluten free.

Pure Fin CBDa oils also contain high quality omega-3 fish oil. Our fish oil is sustainably sourced and wild-caught from Alaskan waters. Each 1ml serving of our CBDa oils provides 250mg combined EPA+DHA.

CBDa + Omega-3 fish oil = the perfect match

We are family owned. You are buying small batch, high quality product from a team who really cares about YOU. We first developed these products for our personal use and now we are blessed to be able to share them with the world!