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Fun fact. In order to produce the standard CBD you find on the market, you would first need a more whole form cannabinoid (such as CBDa) then use heat, pressure, and/or chemicals on it to break it down into CBD.

So why do so many companies produce CBD instead of CBDa then?

To put it simply, it’s more expensive and more complex to successfully extract CBDa from the plant. Specialized systems and extraction methods are needed to preserve more whole plant form cannabinoids like CBDa. 

Pure Fin uses a water-only extraction method to extract our CBDa. No heat, solvents, or harsh chemicals are used. This way may be more complex, but we believe it’s the way it should be done.

So why are we so passionate about CBDa?

Well, to start, we believe that the less you mess with nature, the better. Preserving a more whole-plant form of cannabinoid has been shown to produce some amazing results. 

While research is early, compared to traditional CBD, studies have shown CBDa to offer better bioavailability, kick in quicker and last longer, and simply offer greater efficacy and potency power in many instances.

One study actually found CBDa to be up to 1000x more potent than standard CBD for certain pathways. Incredible, right?

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