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Pure Fin offers CBDa not just CBD oil. Let's break down what the difference between these are and why we choose to use CBDa in our formulations.

So let's start with what's similar...

Both CBD and CBDa are cannabinoids that can be derived from hemp plants and are touted for their ability to help supportareas such as mood,focus, discomfort, sleep,and much more.

Although both of these cannabinoids have similarities, there are several areas where CBD and CBDa differ. At Pure Fin, we createsmall batch, whole form CBDa products. Keep reading to see whatelevates CBDa from thestandard CBD you find on the market.

CBDa is less processed

Compared to CBD, CBDa issimply less processed. Fun fact: In order to produce the standardCBD you find on the market, you would firstneed a more whole form cannabinoid (suchas CBDa) then use heat, pressure, and/or chemicals on it to break it down into CBD. Think of CBDa as a more raw,less processed form of CBD.

CBDa is extracted cleanly

No heat or chemicals are used. Our CBDa is extracted with water only. This differs from CBD in that many of the leading CBD oils on the market are extracted by means of heat, CO2, or solvents. Water-only, chemical-free extraction is not only a better, cleaner option for the environment, but it also helps to mitigate the risk of residual toxins being left behind in your oil from the extraction process.

CBDa is more easily absorbed

CBDa has been shown as oneof the most readily absorbed cannabinoids. Emerging studies have shown CBDa to have superior absorption when compared to CBD. This could mean the potential for increased bioavailability, potency power (i.e. lower dosages needed for positive results), and even overall improved efficacy in comparison to standard CBD*.

All of this sounds greatabout CBDa!

So then why do so manycompanies produce CBDinstead of CBDa?

To put it bluntly, it’s more expensive and more complex to successfully extract CBDa from the plant. Specialized systems and extraction methods are needed to preserve more whole plant form cannabinoids like CBDa.

Pure Fin is passionate about CBDa

We believe that the less you mess with the power of nature, the better.

Preserving a more whole-plant form cannabinoid has been shown to produce amazing results for ourselves, the co-founders of Pure Fin, and countless customers of Pure Fin who have made the switch from CBD to CBDa.

It's our mission to create small-batch, highquality CBDa supplements to help youelevate your wellness.