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Will CBD oil get me high? Plus other myths worth busting…

  • 2 min read

Will CBD oil get me high? Plus other myths worth busting…

Spoiler alert:

Not everything you hear about hemp is true

There’s a lot of misinformation out there on CBD products. Let’s start by debunking some of the most common myths we hear a little too often…

Myth #1. CBD oil will get you high

False! Products like our CBDa oil will NOT get you high. While full spectrum hemp products contain trace amounts of thc, they are non-psychoactive. They offer all the healing benefits of hemp without the high.

Myth #2. All CBD products are basically the same

False. A LOT can vary from product to product. What are the other ingredients in the oil formulation? Does the company independently test for purity and potency? What cannabinoid is it? Standard, highly processed CBD or something more whole and raw form, like CBDa? Take the time to see if your hemp product checks the boxes you care about most.

Myth #3. CBDa offers essentially the same results as CBD

False. Although both cannabinoids have similarities, there are several areas where CBD and CBDa differ.

  1. CBDa is less processed and more raw than CBD
  2. CBDa is cleanly extracted with water only (unlike CBD which commonly uses solvents)
  3. Emerging studies have shown CBDa to have superior absorption when compared to CBD. This could mean better overall absorption and efficacy. AKA better results.

We’ve seen, heard, and been asked about many other “myths” when it comes to cbd oil. If you ever have specific questions about the hemp oil you’re considering or using, make sure to do the research online or reach out to the brand who sells it. The hemp community is known for being open and responsive to all those who may be considering implementing it into their daily routines.

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